After stumbling into a village whose residents believe you've accomplished heroic deeds (a perception to which you did not protest), it'll take all your wit to wriggle out of the many quests they have lined up for you, without being found out and labelled a coward.

The Cowardly Hero was created by Rich Court and Ben Norton for GMTK Jam 2020, in under 48hrs. The theme was "Out of control".

  • We used the Unity game engine.
  • The Ink Unity plugin was used for scripting the narrative and conversations.
  • The Universal Sound FX Unity asset was used for sounds (with some slight modification).
  • All artwork, code and story assets were created within the 48hr game jam period.


Download 25 MB
Download 20 MB


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I hadn't played a game this funny in a long time.

The ludicrous quests are a nice touch too, especially the blind man.